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Donating to DRCEF

How can I donate to DR Congo Education Foundation?

By supporting high-quality Congolese education that helps the Congolese diaspora gain sound knowledge on their history, culture and heritage, you can make a real difference. There are many ways to give - you can find information about the ways in which you can donate to us here. If you have any questions regarding a donation please contact us at Thank you for your support in humanity!

How can I set up a monthly recurring donation

You can set up a monthly donation by setting up a monthly, quarterly or annual standing order donation by downloading our Bank Order Form. Simply fill it in and email it to us at

Can I get your bank details to donate by bank transfer?

Sure, Bank transfers and standing orders should be made to (DRCEF) Mayunga Enterprises, Account no: 76358119, Sort Code: 60-83-71. Please mark in the payment reference whether your donation is to a specific project.

Can I donate to support one specific project or projects in a particular region?

Yes. We have many donors giving back to their home contries or areas, for example. Please email for further information.

How much of my money donated goes towards the projects?

Our locally-led approach, where we partner with local organisations across the world, means your money goes a lot further. Our current donation policy ensures 94% of a donation goes directly towards charitable activities while the remaining 6% is invested in fundraising activities to help sustain our projects by creating wider awareness among the UK public.

Does DRCEF accept gifts in kind?

Yes and no. There may be costs associated with sending goods abroad as well as import taxes and these may need to be fundraised for separately. You would also need to think about how this may affect your tax liability and import/export restrictions in some countries, for example sending food or medicines. It is often easier and less expensive to buy the same items, if they are available, in the country where they will be used.

Is there any particular equipment that your projects may need on the ground?

Definitely - we are always looking for any equipment to aid education such as laptops and tablets in good conditions especially for our partners in Africa. With the internet a minefield for learning, young people need access to computers. Laptops and tablets are essential. Get in touch if your company would like to help with this by emailing

Can DRCEF claim Gift Aid on my donations?

No, we aren't officially registered as a charity and therefore will not be able to claim gift aid on any donation currently. For more information on this please contact us on

Fundraising for DRCEF

I would like to fundraise for DRCEF! Can you help me?

THANK YOU! You can get inspiration from previous fundraisers and marathon runners to extraordinary cake bakers, and find other useful information on our social media, especially Instagram. Please also check out our fundraising page here.

Can I organise an event for DRCEF?

Depends. If you mean having a talent show or movie night that will raise money for a good cause as well as make for a brilliant and memorable evening, then absolutly. We just need a bit more information on the type of event you have in mind, please send your proposal to

Can I help DRCEF as I shop?

Yes you can! We have our own shop where you can purchase really cool items and it's profit gets donated to us. We also offer books which you could probably get for cheaper elswhere, however, all profits will also get donated to DRCEF.

Can I raise money for DRCEF by getting sponsored for sport?

Definitely. We've been lucky enough to have people willing to run the London Marathon, cycle hundreds of miles or put on a charitable football match for us, so we're ready to help you on your fundraising journey. Whether it's a sponsored walk or something more intense, we'll be with you from the fundraising page to the finish line and beyond!

I've been raising money for DRCEF! Where can I send the money?

Incredible, thank you so much for raising money for us. We really appreciate your support! You can send it as a bank transfer payable to (DRCEF) Mayunga Enterprises. Our Account No. 76358119, Sort Code. 60-83-71. Includre your name as a payment reference. If you could then send us an email so we can keep track of your donation with your payment reference.

Does DRCEF accept legacies?

DRCEF is always grateful for any funds that can contribute to our mission and projects. Please get in touch at so that we can ensure that any money that you leave will be spent in a manner according to your wishes.


What is DR Congo Education Foundation?

Established in 2019 as a charitable division of Mayunga Enterprises Ltd (Mayunga Ent), DRCEF is a charitable brand that is dedicated to empowering the Congolese diaspora through education. We work with locally-led partners around the world to provide Congolese desendants the access to sound education on the topics pertaining the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We are also dedicated in supporting DRC with educational institutions and charities. DRCEF was founded on the values of solidarity and partnership, and we offer the opportunity to anyone willing to learn about the Congolese people, regardless of their background.

What does DRCEF do?

We empower the Congolese diaspora and their communities through education. Our work falls into two categories. Firstly, we support local, sustainable education projects in the UK and worldwide by sharing our knowledge and expertise and helping secure funding through donations and grants. Secondly, we amplify the voices of our partners, and wider issues around Congolese disadvantages, to influence policy and improve access to good quality education across the world.

How was DRCEF started?

DRCEF was the initiative of a group of European born Congolese, who identified the need for more collaborative approach to development in which the international community worked in harmony with the local community, who are listened to and lead the way in their own progress on Congolese history.

What makes DRCEF different?

We're Congolese-led, by the Congolese diaspora for the Congolese diaspora. Local Congolese can and must lead the way when it comes to educating the Congolese diaspora. Real change takes time - whether it's personal, profesional, or community-wide. That's why students in our partner projects receive mentoring to make sure that they are able to complete their education and fulfill their potential. We believe that by educating the people of Congo, we can begin to make substaintial differences in our community and homeland.

Where in the world does DRCEF work?

Currently the DRCEF have projects and partners in the UK. To learn more about these programmes and where we work, please click here.

Where can I get updates on DRCEF's work?

Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, 'like' our Facebook page and subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay up-to-date with all of our exciting projcets and programmes.

How can I contact DRCEF

Drop us an email or arrange to come along to one of our events or classes in person. Please email us on You can also @ us via twitter using: @drcefoundation.

How can I support DRCEF's work?

We appreciate and value all our supporters dearly. You can donate, volunteer, involve your business or collaborate with us. We'd love to hear from you! Please send us an email on: or check out our support page here.

What does DRCEF's Christian ethos mean?

DRCEF is built on the Christian values rooted in Mark 12:30-31, To love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. Our projects serve their whole communities, not just those of Christian faith, and recognise the dignity of every person whom they work with. To learn more about our projects click here. Mark 12:30-31: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. ’The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’There is no commandment greater than these.”

Do you only work with Congolese?

DR Congo Education Foundation is purpose focused for the Congolese diaspora as our projects are designed towards their benefit. Most, although not all, of our volunteers, are Congolese or have a Congolese affiliation, as part of our mission is to empower Congolese both via education and mentoring. We are conscious that our beneficiaries and target audiance would gain more value from being taught, mentored and motivated by a Congolese person due to the intimacy and relatability they have to our cause. However, we do not exclude anyone from taking part in our projects and welcome knowledgable partners from outside the Congolese diaspora.

Corporate Donations

How can I become an official business partner?

If you want to know more about how your brand or business can support the Congolese diaspora, you can get in touch wih us at You can learn more about how we work with our corporate partners on this page.

What are the ways in which my business can support DRCEF?

We are always looking for suitable venues where we can host our projects and classes. We have the education material and teachers to execute these programms but we are always looking for spaces where we can host our students that is apropriate. You can also fundraise for us as part of your day-to-day business, for example, by donating a certain amount for each of particular product sold. You could also consider involving us in your corporate social responsibility programme, annual appeals or payroll giving, or we could work together on special offers, auction prizes, annual events and other one-off collaborations. We've done everything from cake sales to concerts, so we're also open to ideas!

Can I choose which project my donation supports?

Absolutely. Your donation can help all our projects in different ways. Please email for further information.

What assets can I use to promote my company's support of DRCEF?

We are happy to provide communication materials (for example, posters tracking the progress of your donations, sharing testimonies).

Will DRCEF mention my company on social media?

In recognition of the huge value of our partners, we're happy to support their efforts by featuring them in our communication (for example, social media, newsletter, blogs).

Media Inquiries

I'm interested in featuring DRCEF or a partner in the media. How can I get in touch?

We'd love abit of media time to raise exposure and awareness to our cause. Please email us on You can download our press pack on this link.

Our Local Partnerships

Who are DRCEF's partners?

We work with local partners around the world, who share our vision for empowering the Congolese diaspora through relevant and sustainable education. You can find more about each of our partner projects here.

How do you choose which local partner to use?

We partner with projects that have proven track record in African education or that have an intimate stake in the uplifting of the DR Congo. In practice, this involves giving Congolese people sound education of their history, culture and heritage, enabling them to lift themselves in their community and open up ideas and dialogue as a support system to the DRC.

How do you help students at your partner schools fulfil their potential?

We're ambitious when it comes to helping the Congolese diaspora staking a claim in the world as a power nation through education, but we also know that it takes a lot to make real and lasting change happen. You can find out about the strands of work we support to help students at our partner schools fulfil their potential here.

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