How we work in collaboration

Why we collaborate with Congolese partners?
We believe that investing in our own professional expertise is the best way to create a long-term impact within the Congolese diaspora. The majority of our partners are from Congolese descent and have years of experience to deliver the best educational projects for the Congolese community.
What is our relationship with our partners?
Our work around the world wouldn't be possible without our dedicated partners who deliver the programs. All program courses are developed and approved in-house to allow a structured and uniform program across all sites. We work closely with our partners by supporting them in raising awareness, funds and sharing knowledge and expertise.
How do we choose our partners?
We firstly look for Congolese descendants with professional experience in their field. They should naturally subscribe to our mission statement of having a passion for uplifting the Congolese people. Once our trustees have done their due diligence and have approved our partners, our team works with them to design the programs & projects that they deliver.
What do we expect from our partners?
To share our vision of a future of highly informed Congolese diaspora, to build leaders that could continue to uphold a community of pride and worth in our people as a collective. They are dedicated to empowering the Congolese diaspora through education, motivation and responsible building of true patriotism.
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