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Dr Congo has always been in our hearts. Being Congolese and having all grown up with the soul wrenching stories of our homeland, there has always been a desire to join our brothers and sister to make a change for our country. We want the Congolese voices to be heard and our expertise recognised. The DR Congo Education Foundation (DRCEF) started from the collective belief that there was a more inclusive way to transform the lives of Congolese people around the world.
People have been trying to reduce the number of people living in poverty in the DR Congo for example by handouts and monetary donations. Our belief is that situational vaccination is more effective than medication as it deals with the potential issues before they arise. In order to therefore significantly help a people, the focus should be on education. As a great man once said "Education is the Most Powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. DRCEF attempts to tackle just that, founded from the belief that education is fundamental for any substantial change for the DR Congo and it's people.

Encouraged by family and friends, after years of studying, researching and publishing literature on the topic, we have taken the leap to formalise our ideas and in 2019, were officially set up as a charitable division of Mayunga Enterprises Ltd. Our goals and values remain transparent and many of our volunteers are involved in our work as trustees, staff and advisors of the foundation. They offer us expertise on the ground in the places where we work and help us to identify new partners to work with.


To dare to dream of giving Congo the chance to raise our aspirations as a nation on this earth has motivated us to start this foundation. The strong relationship and friendships we develop with our partners, and the ongoing dialogue that we have with them, make our work responsive, impactful and far-reaching. Time and again, these strong, relationships and community roots have allowed us to multiply our impact as a small organisation.

Through engaging the Congolese diasporas in the UK, we are building international communities to invest in DR Congo.

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