Why partner with us?

Your business has the power to achieve something amazing. We recognise the power of partnership with the private sector. Together, we can empower the Congolese community around the world, and develop a genuine partnership based on trust, collaboration and impact.

Interested in getting involved

There are a few ways that your company can partner with DRCEF:


Providing facilities for DRCEF to conduct our courses and projects.


Include us in your social media posts and give us a platform to promote DRCEF via newsletter.


Donating equipment that can assist with learning such as laptops and tablets.


Help improve the technological advancements of DRCEF by providing technology support.


Fundraising will boost staff engagement and bring people together while transforming the lives of women and girls across the world. As a business you can also motivate your staff to fundraise and give by matching funds or signing up to payroll giving. You’ll be supported by our amazing fundraising team!

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