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The Young Congolese Development (YCD) Programme is our Congolese history, heritage, and cultural training course for students between the age of 7 and 16.

We believe in the importance of the foundational knowledge of history, heritage and culture that provides the base platform for further skills to be developed.

The YCD programme will cover the following topics:

- Congolese History (pre, during and post colonial ruling),

- Congolese Heritage

- Congolese Culture

- Congolese Citizenship

- Congolese Geography

- Congolese Languages

- Congolese Music

- Congolese Physical Education

Students will explore the essential topics on the fundamental information on the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This will allow students to build a stronger and holistic understanding of the Congo and it's importance in world history.

This programme involves a lot of activities, discussions, scenarios and challenges run by fully trained facilitators. We believe in the value of not only facilitating but building community and providing inspirational mentorship to the young.

The programme is available for 7 - 16, split into the following age groups

KS2: 7 years - 11 years old (year 3 to year 6 in the UK)

KS3: 11 years - 14 years old (year 7 to year 9 in the UK)

KS4: 14 years - 16 years old (year 10 to year 11 in the UK)

For further information on the curriculum, please download the DR Congo Foundation curriculum.

All our facilitators & mentors are fully DBS checked.

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