Our Programs and Partners

We provide a plethora of programs tailored to enhance the knowledge of Congolese history, heritage, and culture. We work with many inspiring partners and organisations to deliver these programs. Our goal with our programs is to create long-term solutions to the issues affecting access to good Congolese education in the diaspora.

Our Solutions

Although we are predominantly an educational platform for the Congolese diaspora, that's not all that we are. We provide support and assistance arround the Congolese diaspora in line with our values and ethics.

Family support

Families are an immediate support system, it is therefore critical to consider their involvement when it comes to learning and aspirations. We work to encourage family support and engagement in education.



We recognize that simply providing access to resources is not enough. Mentoring can help improve attendance and motivation and thus maximizing their learning.

Empowering spaces

We recognise that poor infrastructure and unsafe environments often act as direct barriers for education. We deliver projects, where possible in places that make everyone feel comfortable and safe

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