Giving an education to people who need it the most creates a legacy that can never be taken away.


We make sure that excluded groups get the chance of education and of building a future for themselves in some of the most unstable areas of the world. They are facing desperate situations but they are determined to overcome this and they know education is critical to their success. With your future support, we can be there to meet this need and help people and communities work to pull themselves out of conflict and poverty.


As someone who believes in our work, your own legacy will ensure that educational opportunities continue for our communities in the years to come. By planning your estate today, you can build education systems for tomorrow.

We are dedicated to empowering the Congolese diaspora through quality education in order to support the DRC

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Education is Key

Education is the most requested service and is a resolution in helping communities to move forward towards prosperity and peace. Supporting education is a recognition of people's enormous potential and the right to a better future.

Supporting Us

When you support DRCEF you are helping to build stronger education systems that will provide education to the Congolese diaspora. You are giving people the chance to gain the skills and knowledge they want and need. 

Sustainable Change

Everyone deserves to know where they come from and be educated about their history appropriately. Education is essential if people are to participate in the life of their own communities.

Get Involved

There are many ways to support

Take part in a charity run to raise funds and awareness for DRCEF and education in Congo.

Organise a talent show at school or work and sell tickets to fundraise for DRCEF.

Host a bake sale to raise funds through delicious cakes and pastries.

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